This is the “Plant Shop” website for Catskill Native Nursery. You can view plants we have for sale at the nursery. We are endeavoring to keep the site up to date with actual inventory available at the nursery, but cannot guarantee that every plant on this site is indeed available. Our inventory is in constant flux and it’s a bit of a challenge to keep it up to date, especially during the Spring rush of purchasing. Conversely, there may be plants available at the nursery that we haven’t yet published on this site. For more information about the nursery please visit our primary website at catskillnativenursery.com

We will be opening the nursery for the season, to walk-in traffic on Thursday 4 June. We will be re-establishing our regular hours: open Thursday- Monday, 9:30am- 6pm. Closed Tuesday & Wednesday. Masks required and please try to minimize the number of people in your troop. While we would love to socialize, please make any visit a plant-buying excursion, not a social outing. And, as always, no dogs.

Three popular categories of available plants are shown below and “On Sale” items below those categories. More categories can be explored by clicking on “Shop” in the page listings in the menu or using its “Drop-down” feature.

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