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The morning greeted us with 3 inches of snow – less on the ground in most areas where the ground was warm and the snow melted as it fell. Even so it will be difficult pulling carts of plants around and we are suspending operations for the day. We won’t be pulling orders nor putting out plants for pickup. We will resume operations tomorrow. It’s supposed to be a beautiful day!

Of course you can still place orders on line to get into the queue for picking. Will we be able to get Saturday orders put out for pickup on Sunday? I doubt it. On Sunday morning we will still be picking orders that came in Friday afternoon and through the evening. We will do our best to get your order ready to be picked up on Sunday but can make no promises. And please wait for an email from us confirming that your order is ready to pick up. Even if your order is small and wouldn’t take long to pick, please remember that there are likely to be other orders in front of you, and we pick in order of arrival.

Please remember, it’s really, really early in the gardening season and there will be plenty of time to purchase plants and get them in the ground. We still have inventory that we overwintered to be put up on the shop site, and new plants are being delivered to us from other growers each week. To help you figure out if you’ve seen the plant on the site before or if it’s a new plant, any plant that was added to the shopsite within the last 10 days will have a “New” icon on plant listings and on the plant page itself. Unfortunately, at the moment, we haven’t figured out if plants can be sorted or searched for under a “New” category – doesn’t look like it.

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