Acer pensylvanicum – Moosewood, Striped Maple


A common woodland understory tree in the Catskills. It gets the name Moosewood because it’s a preferred browse of moose and deer. The bark on young trunks is an attractive green with white striping that is particularly pronounced and striking in winter, when it takes on reddish overtones. The large, three-lobed leaves turn a clear soft yellow in fall that is almost luminescent especially near dusk, as shown here. Whistles can easily be carved from branch sections, hence another common name of whistlewood. At higher elevations of the Catskills, we occasionally see this tree growing as high as 40’. Remember, this is a tree of cool, moist locations and will not thrive in a hot, sunny spot.

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Maple family (Aceraceae)

Updated 25 September 2023

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