Acer x freemanii Autumn Fantasy® – Freeman Maple – 15-Gallon


Developed by Willet Wandell of Wandell’s Nursery in 1990. It was discovered in Urbana, Illinois as a landscape tree. Of particular note was the dense canopy, good scaffold limbs, rapid growth rate, and brilliant orange-red fall color. Its leaves have deeper sinuses than other Freeman Maple cultivars and more closely resemble those of Silver Maple. Hybrids between Red and Silver Maple also occur in the wild.

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Maple family (Aceraceae)

Freeman Maple is a hybrid of Red Maple (A. rubrum) and Silver Maple (A. saccharinum) that resembles its latter parent with vigorous growth, adaptability to a wide variety of soil conditions and deeply cut leaves and its former parent with strong, well-balanced branching and brilliant orange-red fall foliage color.

Updated 23 September 2023