Actinidia arguta – Hardy Kiwi – 2-Gallon


These Asian vines are becoming very popular amongst backyard fruit growers. They are related to the kiwifruit available in stores, but are smaller, sweeter, more cold-hardy (can be grown throughout the Catskills) and are fuzz-less and can be eaten like a grape. Because they are extremely vigorous, they require a very sturdy support and annual pruning to keep them in bounds and productive. Needs a male pollenizer for fruit production. Avoid planting in a poorly drained area.

We carry a number of female varieties in two sizes:

in a 1-quart size, ‘Chang Bai’ ‘Geneva’ ‘Meader Male’ and ‘MSU’

in a 2-Gallon size, ‘Hardy Male’ and ‘Ken’s Red.

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1-Quart, 2-Gallon