Aesculus parviflora – Bottlebrush Buckeye


A truly spectacular shrub if you can grant it time and space to develop. We have two planted near our house – visit us in July, when they’re blooming and be prepared to be wowed! Spindly at first, after a few years of getting established plants will begin sending new vigorous stems outward and upward from their base and become dense enough for screening. In early Summer, when few other shrubs are flowering, long bottle-brush-shaped inflorescences will burst into bloom – the numerous white flowers they bear are a favorite nectar source for butterflies, especially Tiger Swallowtails. While it will grow in the forest understory it will never reach its full potential – give it at least a half-day sun and moist soil.


Horse-chestnut family (Hippocastanaceae)

Updated 1 October 2023

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