Athyrium x ‘Branford Rambler’ – Hybrid Lady Fern – 5-Pint


A hybrid of our native Lady Fern (A. filix-femina) and Japanese Painted Fern (A. niponicum var. pictum) from the garden of Nick Nicou in Branford, Connecticut. It combines the bright green pinnae of Lady Fern and the reddish frond stipe and rachis of Japanese Painted Fern. It’s a more aggressive spreader than either of its parents but not as rampant as either Hay-scented Fern or New York Fern. It tends to hold older fronds quite horizontally with new fronds upright. This contributes to its effectiveness as a ground cover though individual plants sometimes have a bit of a wild, unkempt look.

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Wood Fern family, Dryopteridaceae

Updated 29 March 2023