Betula nigra ‘City Slicker’ – River Birch – 7-Gallon


River Birch is valued for its colorful peeling bark and resistance to bronze birch borer, a beetle that kills European and Asian white birches. Although usually found next to water courses in the wild, this tree will perform well on fairly dry sites if watered well until it establishes a deep root system. City Slicker® is derived from the western most native River Birch trees in North America located in central Oklahoma. The trees are very heat and drought tolerant for a River Birch with white bark that develops at an early age. Cold hardy through zone 5, so less cold hardy than say Heritage® but suitable for most of our area. Smaller in stature than Heritage® attaining perhaps half that variety’s  height.

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Birch family (Betulaceae)

Updated 11 October 2023