Betula papyrifera ‘Renaissance Oasis’ – Paper Birch – 3-Gallon


The white bark of many species of birch has long been prized for its ornamental value. Many of the species are of European or Asian origin and are highly susceptible to an insect pest called Bronze Birch Borer. The Renaissance series of birch trees is a result of a 40 year breeding program at Evergreen Nurseries in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin for increased resistance to bronze birch borer. Renaissance Oasis® was also selected for its ability to survive drought in excessively drained soils – even so, Oasis® Paper Birch really grows its very best in soils with good, but not excessive moisture levels. Avoid waterlogged soils. Like all paper birches, bark of young trunks is reddish brown – the bark will turn white over time as the trunk grows larger.

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Updated 5 September 2021