Calycanthus x ‘Aphrodite’ – Sweetshrub – 3-Gallon


In the mid-1990′s, J.C. Raulston wowed the plant world when he crossed sweetshrub (C. floridus) with a rare Chinese relative (C. chinensis). The hybrid, ‘Hartlage Wine,’ was beautiful but lacked the fragrance that makes sweetshrub so popular. Now Tom Ranney, of NC State University has created a hybrid using the original parents plus the western US species (C. occidentalis) that combines the best features of ‘Hartlage Wine‛ – huge burgundy flowers, large glossy foliage, vigorous growth, and extended and heavy flower power – with the fruity fragrance of sweetshrub.

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Strawberry-shrub family, Calycanthaceae

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Updated 10 March 2023