Camassia scilloides – Wild Hyacinth or Atlantic Camas – 1-Pint


Western North American species of Camas have become popular in the bulb trade. This species is an Eastern relative that is not as well known and rarely available perhaps because it is a more diminutive plant with a little less garden presence. It’s still a showy plant however, especially when planted en masse. It’s native to meadows, prairies and open woods from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin south to Texas and Georgia. So it can adapt to either a full sun perennial border or a more naturalized edge-of-woods setting. The flowers attract their fair share of insects, including many bees and flies, and occasional butterflies and wasps. Most of these insects seek nectar from the flowers, although some short-tongued bees also collect pollen.

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Image by Eric in SF, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons