Carya lacinosa – Shellbark Hickory – 3-Gallon


Next to Pecan, this hickory’s nuts are considered the tastiest of the Hickories – slightly better than Shagbark Hickory. The nuts are also larger than those of Shagbark – indeed they are the largest nuts of all the hickories. In the Catskills, Shagbark nuts can be collected in the wild – the tree is fairly common. To get a taste of Shellbark Hickory in the Catskills though you’ll have to plant one –  in New York this species is only found in the Finger Lakes region. Shellbark tends to prefer a moister soil than Shagbark so avoid planting on hot, dry sites.

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Photo by Doug Goldman. USDA-NRCS-NPDT United States, NC, Durham Co., Durham. September 21, 2012., Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Updated 4 October 2021