Castanea ‘20818 Bond’ – Hybrid Chestnut – 7-Gallon


The Missouri Senator Kit Bond established a chestnut orchard to select for outstanding vigor, uniformity and disease-resistance. ‘20818’ are  seedlings from ‘Qing’ Chinese Chestnuts (C. mollissima) crossed with ‘Dunstan,’ a Chinese-American (C. dentata) hybrid. ‘Qing’ is a heavy yielding variety, producing shiny dark brown nuts that are extra large and exceptionally sweet. ‘Dunstan’ is a seed strain that produces heavy yearly crops of very large and sweet-tasting nuts. Because these are seedlings there may be variation in tree height and nut characteristics. Plant two trees to enable cross-pollination for nut production or a ‘20818’ seedling and any other variety of Chestnut we offer. Grows 30-60’Hx20-40’W.

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