Cercis canadensis ‘Fair Street’- Redbud- 1-Gallon


Growing next to the Fair Street Reformed Church in uptown Kingston we spotted a redbud with deep purple flowers – clearly distinct from the magenta-pink color of most trees. At first we thought we had found a unique form of Eastern Redbud. Well, in a way we had – we now think this tree is C. canadensis var. texensis. Most likely the cultivar ‘Oklahoma’. That idenfication is based on the thick, glossy undulating foliage of the tree – characteristics of var. texensis. Though in theory a little less cold hardy than the species, this is clearly an older tree and it shows no signs of any dieback associated with our cold winters. We are offering seedlings grown from the tree and expect them to have similar characteristics to the parent.

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Along with Flowering Dogwood and Silverbell, this is a spring-flowering, North American tree that no home landscape should be without. It can be used as a specimen tree in the front yard or naturalized in the woodland understory.