Cercis canadensis Northern Herald® – Eastern Redbud – 7-Gallon


A selection from North Dakota State University in Bismarck, North Dakota. It has a 40-year history of winter hardiness in the zone 4a location (winter lows of -30°F to -25°F). This makes Northern Herald® the best redbud for growing throughout the Catskills, even at higher elevations. Young plants occasionally have some tip dieback after severe winters, but mature trees outgrow the problem – a thick layer of mulch atop the root zone for the first few years helps as well.

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Along with Flowering Dogwood and Silverbell, Redbud is a spring-flowering North American tree that no home landscape should be without. It can be used as a specimen tree in the front yard or naturalized in the woodland understory.

Available Spring ’23

Updated 19 November 2022