Clematis crispa – Swamp Leatherflower or Blue Jasmine – 1-Quart


A unique native Clematis hailing from southeastern swamps and floodplains. Despite its southern provenance the vine has been completely hardy for us – it’s been growing on a trellis at the side of our potting shed, underneath a native Wisteria for more than a decade. The plants we are offering have been grown from seeds collected from that plant. This is the only native clematis that has sepals with edges that are thin and crisped, and it has the largest flowers amongst natives. Like most native clematis, the vines are never covered in flowers, but their unique form, and reliability make them a satisfying addition to the garden. Blue Jasmine is one of the parents of a popular C. viticella hybrid, ‘Betty Corning’.



Buttercup family (Ranunculaceae)

Updated 29 October 2023