Convallaria majuscula – American Lily of the Valley – 2-Quart


The most typical response when people see this plant is “Wait. There’s a native Lily of the Valley? No way! Never heard of it.” Indeed this plant doesn’t often even get listed in books specifically about native plants. We’re not sure why because it’s a perfectly good plant for the woodland garden. It looks very similar to the Eurasian Lily of the Valley (C. majalis) but is a little bit larger and considerably less aggressive – it won’t quickly become a dense groundcover. Think of it more as a well-behaved companion for other woodlanders like Trillium or Rue-anemone. Indigenous to wooded mountain slopes and ridges from Virginia and West Virginia south to Georgia, it grows well in the Catskills. All parts of this plant are considered poisonous. This may allow the plant to escape browsing by deer.


Photo by Jason Hollinger, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Lily Family – Liliaceae

Updated 17 October 2021