Cornus florida x kousa Stellar Pink® – Dogwood


Stellar Pink® is one of the Stellar Dogwoods, spectacular hybrids created at Rutgers University that are floriferous and highly pest- and disease-resistant. They bloom between our native, early-flowering dogwood, C. florida, and the late-spring-flowering Kousa dogwood, C. kousa, from Asia. We’ve found Stellar Pink® to be a profuse bloomer though it is not precocious – rarely flowering in the nursery and needing a couple of years to get established before it starts putting on a show – the wait is well worth it! No fruits are produced on this tree, so it is not valuable for birds. The cluster of flowers at the center of the showy bracts do produce nectar and pollen and occasionally attract bees.

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Dogwood family – Cornaceae

Updated 24 February 2023

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