Cornus kousa x nuttallii Venus® – Dogwood – 7-Gallon


Venus® is one of the Jersey Star® Dogwoods, spectacular hybrids created at Rutgers University that are floriferous and highly pest- and disease-resistant. They bloom between our native, early-flowering dogwood, C. florida, and the late-spring-flowering Kousa dogwood, C. kousa, from Asia. While most of the hybrids from Rutgers have C. florida and C. kousa as parents, Venus® was bred from C. kousa and a dogwood from western North America, Pacific Dogwood, C. nuttallii. This makes the tree somewhat less hardy than C. florida, C. kousa or their hybrids. Its zone 6 cold hardiness makes Venus® suitable for our valleys but probably risky at higher elevations of the Catskills.

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Dogwood family, Cornaceae

Updated 24 February 2023