Dryopteris clintoniana – Clinton’s Wood Fern – 3-Quart


A naturally occurring hybrid of Crested Fern (D. cristata) and Goldie’s Fern (D. goldiana). It shares its parents preference for moist, even wet soils in the wild, but has proven more adaptable to woodland conditions under cultivation. It looks more like its Crested Fern parent but larger – a trait no doubt inherited from Goldie’s Fern, the largest of the “Wood Ferns.” Grows throughout New England and just about every county in New York. Named for George William Clinton who discovered it. He is the son of Dewitt Clinton, the 6th governor of New York.



Wood Fern family, Dryopteridaceae

Photo by Daderot, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Updated 30 March 2023