Eurybia macrophylla – Bigleaf Aster – 1 Quart


Like all members of the genus Eurybia this is an early-blooming aster, in fact we find it to be the first aster to begin blooming every year. The eponymous large foliage is distinctive, and the inflorescences are quite large as well, though because they do not have an abundance of ray flowers they aren’t quite as showy as some other asters with smaller but fuller flowers. It will spread a little by rhizomes and self-sowing but no where near as aggressively as a congener White Wood Aster, E. divaricata. Bigleaf Aster occurs in just about every county in New York, and, in general, has a northern distribution, occurring southward mostly in the Appalachian Mountains. So it’s quite cold hardy and can be grown successfully throughout the Catskills.

We sometimes have a white-flowered form, Eurybia macrophylla forma alba or ‘Albus’.


Aster family (Asteraceae)

Photo by User:BotBln, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Updated 1 October 2023