Eutrochium fistulosum – Hollow-stem Joe-Pye Weed – 1-Quart


This is one imposing plant. Huge domes of showy flowers develop atop tall, strong stems, giving rise to another common name, Trumpetweed. While we have another species of Joe-Pye Weed growing in our area – Spotted Joe-Pye Weed (E. maculatum) – it is usually a high-elevation plant in the Catskills, while this species is abundant in wet meadows and roadside ditches throughout our valleys. The flowers are used by a wide variety of pollinators, and plants almost always bring in Tiger Swallowtail butterflies to the garden. Hollow stems are good solitary bee nesting sites – if possible, when cutting back plants in Spring clean-ups, leave 6-18″ of stem standing for bees to nest in.

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Aster family (Asteraceae)

Formerly in the genus Eupatorium

Updated 7 October 2023