Fragaria ‘Eversweet’ – Day-neutral Strawberry


Bred to keep producing berries throughout the hottest part of the Summer when other day-neutral varieties typically slow down or stop producing altogether. It’s also quite productive, equaling California varieties in the sort of raised-bed production systems most of us use to grow strawberries. Finally, as you can surmise from the name, this variety does not sacrifice sweetness or flavor to achieve its enhanced summertime performance. Eversweet® is the best of the day-neutral varieties we offer if you garden at lower elevations or locations south of CNN.

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  • Strawberries require 6-10 hours a day of direct sunlight.
  • They will do best in a sandy loam soil and adding some aged manure and/or compost before planting is recommended.  Mulch with chopped straw, leaves or shredded wood.
  • The soil pH should be between 5.5 and 7.
  • Strawberries need well-drained conditions so raised beds or containers are a good option.

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