Gillenia stipulata – American Ipecac – 2-Quart


A shrubby perennial with zigzagging stems and bright green deeply divided foliage that takes on orange and yellow colors in the fall. The white flowers have a reddish colored base and the petals are arrayed unevenly, giving the plant an informal look, much like its tree-sized cousin, Serviceberry (Amelanchier spp). Slightly smaller in flower than its close relative, Bowman’s Root (G. trifoliata) and later to bloom. Indian Physic has a more westerly distribution, being most common in the Ohio River valley to Missouri and Arkansas while Bowman’s Root is primarily found in the Appalachian Mountains. Both species are often named American Ipecac because their powdered roots may be used as an emetic .

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Rose family, Rosaceae

Updated 9 March 2023