Helianthus giganteus ‘Shelia’s Sunshine’ – Tall Sunflower – 1-Gallon


A towering plant when full grown, with loose branching panicles of 2” flowers toping rough hairy stems. The flower is normally the typical butter-yellow of a perennial sunflower – in this cultivar the color is a mellow pale yellow. The flowers are a favorite of bumblebees and the seeds are eaten by birds. Spreads by rhizomes at a mild pace that won’t overwhelm surrounding plants. Also known as Swamp Sunflower – it’s a wet meadow species in the wild – we have grown it under average to dry garden conditions and it has thrived. The species is native throughout most of eastern North America; in New York it’s most common in the southeastern portion of the state,  including right here in Ulster County.

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Aster family (Asteraceaeae)

Available Summer ’24

Updated 30 September 202e