Helianthus salicifolius – Willowleaf Sunflower – 5-Pint


A unique sunflower from southern prairies and plains that has been hopelessly mixed up in the nursery trade. Virtually every plant sold as H. salicifolius is in fact the similar Narrlowleaf Sunflower (H. angustifolius). The real Willowleaf Sunflower makes a stunning, airy vertical accent in the garden. The upright, narrow green stems are adorned with narrow, lacy green foliage. The wispy appearing but large sturdy clumps are topped in late summer and early fall with bright yellow 2″ flowers…a stunning plant, even without flowers.

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Daisy family, Asteraceae

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Photo by Oceancetaceen – Alice Chodura, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Updated 16 October 2022