Helleborus ×nigersmithii Ivory Prince – Lenten Rose – 3-Quart (Non-native)


This hybrid is a cross  developed by English plantsman David Tristram involving two hellebore hybrids – H. ×nigercors and H.  ×ericsmithii. H. ×nigercors is a hybrid between the Christmas rose, H. niger, and Corsican Hellebore, H. argutifolius. H.  ×ericsmithii is a hybrid between H.  ×sternii and H. niger. Finally (phew!) H.  ×sternii is a hybrid between H. argutifolius and H. lividus.



Buttercup family, Ranunculaceae

Hellebores are appreciated for their late winter and early spring flowering period; the plants are frost-resistant and semi-evergreen. Sometimes called Lenten rose because in the northern hemisphere they flower in early spring, around the period of Lent . They are excellent for bringing early color to lightly shaded gardens, naturalized spaces and perennial borders. A traditional cottage garden favorite.

Updated 27 March 2023