Ilex glabra ‘Densa’- Inkberry


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A member of the holly family, this handsome evergreen shrub has a compact, dense and roundish form. Lustrous, dark green leaves and small black berries make this a wonderful landscape plant in the formal or wild garden. Can be shaped or allowed to grow into a billowy mound. ‘Densa’ “develops an oval-rounded uniform outline with upright branches (Dirr 2009).” Though usually listed as a compact grower, it can ultimately reach 6-8’ high and wide, becoming a little leggy over time. ‘Densa’ is a female variety though fruit set will be sparse without a male or, perhaps, a different variety of inkberry in the vicinity to provide pollen. Though the flowers are not showy, they are an important nectar source for honeybees and native bees.

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