Juniperus ‘Grey Owl’ – Hybrid Juniper – 3-Gallon


A medium sized spreading juniper with large, ascending branches that droop ever so slightly – very similar in growth habit to Pfitzer type junipers (a hybrid of non-native J. chinensis and J. sabina). Foliage color is a brilliant silvery gray even through the winter. Uses include color accents and foundation plantings – it can even be sheared for use as a low, tough, hardy hedge. First discovered in 1938 in a batch of J. virginiana ‘Glauca’ (native Eastern Red Cedar) seedlings – pollen parent is likely to be Juniperus × pfitzeriana ‘Wilhelm Pfitzer,’ a male clone. ‘Grey Owl’ is a female clone and a very prolific producer of juniper berries so it’s a very good plant to use for wildlife gardens as well.

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Cypress family, Cupressaceae

Available Spring ’23