Lupinus perennis – Wild Lupine


Lupines are an incredibly diverse genus of perennials – over 150 species occur in North America! Most live in our Western states; in the Northeast there is but one species, this one. Wild Lupine prefers sandy soils and is adapted to ecosystems with frequent fire. Habitat loss and fire suppression have considerably reduced populations in the Northeast. Wild Lupine can be short-lived – it puts an enormous amount of energy into a showy flower display and relatively large, abundant seeds, often sacrificing longevity in the process. Allow it to self-sow and hopefully it will find a spot in your landscape where it’s happy. It does best with low fertility soils; in richer soils it will be outcompeted by taller, more vigorous plants.  Another common name is Sundial Lupine, because the palmate leaves orient themselves in the direction of the sun.

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