Magnolia ‘Sunsation’ – Yellow Magnolia – 7-Gallon


Another exceptional Magnolia from the late Dr. August Kehr. In the 1950s breeders at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden crossed our native, yellow-flowered Cucumber Magnolia (M. acuminata) with the pink-flowered Lily Magnolia (M. liliiflora) from China. The flowers of the resulting hybrids were usually a combination of yellow and pink, though often a bit of a muddy blend of colors. Breeders such as Dr. Kehr have refined the initial hybrids into plants with a rich blend of colors. ‘Sunsation’ is perhaps the best of the lot. Its deep-yellow flowers have a blush of rose-purple at the base and back of the tepals. They can reach an impressive 7 inches wide and appear after the risk of frost has passed.

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