Malus ‘Calville Blanc’ – Heirloom Apple – 5-Gallon


A very old apple, known from Normandy in the early 1600s, it has become the classic dessert apple of France and is a delicacy still served in the finest restaurants of Paris. It’s the apple of choice for Tarte Tatin. Large flattish pale green-yellow fruit with uneven lumpy ribs and a dotted orange-red blush. The creamy-white aromatic fine-grained juicy flesh has a sweet distinctive effervescent flavor and is higher in Vitamin C than any other apple and even higher than an orange. Recommended for vinegar, fresh cider and as a sharp (acid) component in fermented cider. Ripens late season (usually toward the end of October). and should be stored a month to reach peak flavor. Will keep until midwinter.

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Budagovsky 9, Dwarf rootstock, 40% of Standard, 8-10′

Available Fall 2022