Malus ‘Enterprise’- Disease-resistant Apple


A disease-resistant variety developed by the cooperative breeding program of the Indiana, Illinois, and New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Stations. The parentage is complex, but includes ‘McIntosh’, ‘Golden Delicious’, and ‘Rome Beauty’ – as well as the ubiquitous crab apple Malus floribunda, the source of the vital gene for scab-resistance. The apples are a glossy red color, ripening in late October.  They can be stored for 3-6 months in a domestic fridge. Despite a thick and somewhat tough skin, ‘Enterprise’ is good for eating fresh, with a mild sweet/tart flavor. It can be also used as a cooking apple.

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We have ‘Enterprise’ both on a semi-dwarf, EMLA 7 rootstock, and a semi-standard EMLA 111 rootstock.