Malus ‘Haralson’ – Heirloom Apple – 7 Gallon


A 1922 introduction from the Minnesota Horticulture Research Center that was bred to withstand bitterly cold Minnesotan winters. It has an excellent, distinctive, tart flavor, is very crisp and juicy, and keeps well from September until about March 15 under refrigeration. It is outstanding in apple cider – when used as the dominant variety it provides a crisp, fresh, “zing” that accentuates the flavor of minor sweet varieties. It also makes great-tasting, perfect-textured pies. In fact, ‘Haralson’ is an all-star for nearly all baking purposes. ‘Malinda’ x ‘Wealthy’.

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EMLA 106, Semi-dwarf rootstock, 70% of Standard, 12-16′

Updated 24 February 2023