Malus ‘Honeygold’ – Apple – 5-Gallon


If you’re looking for a ‘Golden Delicious’ type apple but need a little more cold-hardiness than the West Virginia origin of ‘Golden Delicious’ provides, your answer is ‘Honeygold.’ It’s a 1970 introduction from The University of Minnesota’s breeding program for cold-hardy apples. ‘Honeygold’ is a cross between ‘Golden Delicious’ and ‘Haralson,’ itself a 1922 introduction from that same program and one of its more well-known and successful introductions. It has similar flavor as ‘Golden Delicious,’ with a bit more sweetness and a balancing acidity from the ‘Haralson’ that gives it a more complex flavor than ‘Golden Delicious’. It’s also crunchier and juicier and a better keeper as well. Perhaps it’s a better choice than ‘Golden Delicious’ even if you don’t need a little extra cold-hardiness!

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Antonovka, Standard rootstock, 22-25′

Updated 8/23/2021

Image Jiaqian AirplaneFan, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons