Malus ‘Newton Pippin’ – Heirloom Apple – 7-Gallon


Originated on a farm on the banks of Newtown Creek in western Queens, New York City in the 1700s.  The apple became a popular commercial variety throughout the country, cultivated and praised by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. This “winter” apple is picked quite late in the season – late October in the eastern USA.  It is hard and unappetizing if eaten straight from the tree, instead it should be stored for 1-2 months, before being used over the winter period.  Newtown Pippin is a notably versatile apple, being excellent for eating fresh, cooking, and for juicing and hard cider.  When cooked Newtown Pippin retains some of its shape, and produces a textured puree with a very good rich flavor – definitely a very high quality culinary apple.

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EMLA 106, Semi-dwarf rootstock, 70% of Standard, 12-16′

Updated 24 February 2023