Malus ‘Novamac’ – Disease-resistant Apple – 5 Gallon


If you’d like a ‘McIntosh’ type apple but with better disease resistance try ‘Novamac’. Introduced by a Canadian breeding program in 1978, ‘McIntosh’ is one of the parents of ‘Novamac’; the other half of the lineage was chosen for disease resistance and ‘Novamac’ is immune to apple scab and resistant to cedar-apple rust. Apples may be a little smaller than ‘McIntosh’ especially without fruit thinning or on unpruned older trees. It is an annual bearer and heavy-cropper that blooms medium to late season and ripens in early to mid-September, about a week before ‘McIntosh’. Stores pretty well for a Mac-type apple, up to about 3 months.

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EMLA 7, Semi-dwarf rootstock, 60% of Standard, 12-15′