Malus ‘Redfree’- Disease-resistant Apple – 5-Gallon


‘Redfree’ is the 6th apple cultivar developed by the cooperative apple breeding program (PRI) of Illinois, Indiana and New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Stations for disease-resistant apples. It’s a crisp summer apple that can be held in storage up to 2 months without loss of quality or firmness. Well-known apples in its parentage include ‘Wealthy’ and ‘Rome Beauty’. ‘Redfree’ is immune to apple scab and cedar apple rust. It has moderate to good resistance to fire blight and powdery mildew. “‘Redfree’ has white juicy flesh, more dense than coarse, crisp but not breaking. Its flavors are mild, balanced, and light. A slightly vinous quality adds interest (Adam’s Apples blog).”

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Budagovsky 9, Dwarf rootstock, 40% of Standard, 8-10′

Available Fall 2022

Updated 8/23/2021

Image English: National Fruit Collection, Brogdale., OGL 2, via Wikimedia Commons