Malus ‘Swaar’ – Heirloom Apple – 5-Gallon


Dutch settlers of Esopus, right here in Ulster County, in the early 1800s, named this apple ‘Swaar’, their word for “heavy”. The flesh is firm, fine, creamy white and dense with a spicy, sweet, rich and aromatic flavor. Best picked firm then allowed to mellow and sweeten before eating, similar to ripening a pear. Four to six weeks in storage will typically do the trick. Once the fruit softens the flavors explode. Downing, in 1878, referred to ‘Swaar’ as “a truly noble American fruit and one of the finest flavored apples in America.” Ripens in late October and keeps for about 2 months.

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Budagovsky 9, Dwarf rootstock, 40% of Standard, 8-10′

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Image English: National Fruit Collection, Brogdale., OGL 2, via Wikimedia Commons