Malus ‘Wealthy’ – Heirloom Apple – 7-Gallon


The first apple variety to survive in Minnesota, selected by Peter Gideon in 1868, as a cross between Siberian crabapple and apple seedlings from Maine. It became one of the top 5 varieties grown in eastern North America and the progenitor of many other super cold-hardy Minnesotan varieties. Great for eating fresh as well as cooking. The flesh is white with pink veins, it is very juicy, crisp, and has a sweet and tart strawberry-like flavor. For eating fresh, let the apple go scarlet on the tree. For pies (‘Wealthy’ makes excellent pies), sauce (makes pink-cherry color sauce) and preserve, use weeks earlier. The fruit tend to drop at maturity. Keeps for three months. Some tendency to alternate-year bearing unless fruit is thinned.

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EMLA 106, Semi-dwarf rootstock, 70% of Standard, 12-16′

Updated 24 February 2023