Malus ‘Winecrisp’ – Disease-resistant Apple


A late-ripening, storage apple developed by the cooperative breeding program (PRI) of Illinois, Indiana and New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Stations for disease-resistant apples. Its parentage includes a number of famous apples: ‘Cox Orange Pippin,’ ‘Newtown Pippin,’ ‘Jonathan’ & ‘Red Rome.’ The yellow flesh of this hard apple is crisp and it has a satisfying breaking crunch – not for the faint of tooth. Flavors are rich with a good measure of both sweet and tart – best flavor develops after about 1 month in storage and the apple will keep up to 8 months. Winecrisp™ is immune to apple scab and moderately resistant to powdery mildew and fireblight. It’s somewhat susceptible to cedar-apple rust. It’s is a moderate to heavy cropper with some biennial tendency after heavy crops

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Updated 8/23/2021

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