Monarda punctata – Horsemint or Spotted Beebalm – 1-Quart


An unusual species with yellow flowers dotted in purple – another common name is Spotted Bee Balm. Perhaps the more noticeable ornamental feature is the pink- to nearly white-colored bracts that surround the cluster of flowers. The combination is quite unique. The flowers are attractive to a wide variety of native pollinators. This is a species of poor, sandy soils – it doesn’t compete well with more vigorous species on better soils where it tends to be short-lived. Even in sandy soils it may not last more than a couple of years, but it self-sows prolifically. It’s one of the more successful plants in the xeriscape on our potting pavilion green roof. Deer resistant.

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Mint family (Lamiaceae)

Updated 7 October 2023