Morus ‘Dwarf Everbearing’ – Compact Mulberry – 1.5-Pint


We’re not sure if the variety is ‘Giraldi’ which grows to about 6-10′ or ‘Issai’ with a similar height. ‘Giraldi’ is supposed to be a hybrid between our native red mulberry, M. rubra and white mulberry, M. alba. The fruits are similar to another hybrid mulberry, ‘Illinois Everbearing.’ ‘Issai’ is a cultivar of white mulberry. It’s also possible that this is an entirely different variety.

It should be cold hardy in the ground in our area, or grow in a container that you bring in under protection for the winter.

Mulberries are fast growing and precocious bearers. However, you need to protect them from deer.

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Mulberry family (Moraceae)

Updated 24 October 2023