Nymphaea ‘Charlie’s Choice’ – Small Water Lily


In a 8 x 5 inch Plastic Pot.

For small ponds or tubs.



A very unique lily. The color is hard to describe. Is it peach, pink or red? A combination of all three? Changeable? The base color is white. Some writers describe the base color as apricot to yellow. I don’t see it. 1st day flowers don’t have much red color and can best be described as pink. Red pigment increases over the life of the flower and a 3rd or 4th day flower definitely can be described as red. The peach color – the color developed by say ‘Peach Glow’ – again I don’t really see it. The flowers are quite large for the size of the plant, but the plant also produces a plethora of leaves and the flowers sometimes get buried under an avalanche of foliage. So even though it’s a fairly dwarf plant it probably should be grown in a small pond not in a water pot or even a half-whiskey barrel on a patio.