Osmunda claytoniana – Interrupted Fern – 1-Quart


This fern isn’t as well known as two congeners, Royal Fern (O. regalis var. spectabilis) and Cinnamon Fern (O. cinamommea). It’s quite close to Cinnamon Fern in appearance but instead of having cinnamon-colored fertile fronds, it produces spores midway along what otherwise look like typical sterile fronds – the pinnae with spores interrupt the progression of sterile pinnae along the rachis, and this divided form gives rise to the plant’s common name. Though usually found in the vicinity of a creek or wetland, this fern is much more tolerant of dryish conditions than either Royal Fern or Cinnamon Fern, making it a good choice for a shady perennial border or woodland garden. Fun fact: a fossil of a fern virtually indistinguishable from Interrupted Fern (O. claytoniites) was found and dated to the late Triassic when dinosaurs were roaming the earth! This fern has changed very little in over 220 million years!

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Royal fern family, Osmundaceae

Updated 30 March 2023