Picea glauca ‘Montrose Charm’ – White Spruce


A northern species but absent from our area, even the higher elevations of the Catskills where it’s Red Spruce (P. rubens) that is found growing along with Balsam Fir. In New York, White Spruce can be found growing wild only in the Adirondacks. Occurrences in other parts of the state are of naturalized plants derived from landscape plantings. White Spruce is indeed popular for screening and windbreaks and should probably be planted more than Colorado Blue Spruce. While not immune to the diseases that have been afflicting Blue Spruce in our area, White Spruce is certainly better adapted to our warm, humid climate. It’s also more tolerant of shade and heavier, clay soils than Blue Spruce. Seeds are an important food for songbirds. Deer-resistant.

‘Montrose Charm’ is a more compact grower than the straight species, with a garden size of 20-30’ high and 6-10’ wide giving it a more narrow, columnar form.

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Pine family (Pinaceae)

Updated 25 September 2023


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