Picea mariana – Black Spruce – 1-Quart


A tree of northern forests, from Alaska to Labrador and south to Minnesota, Michigan and much of New England and New York. In the warmer parts of New York it is restricted to bogs and cool swamps, while northward it grows on moist organic soils. Black Spruce can be grown in the home landscape on sites with good drainage – just avoid hot and dry.
From Sternberg & Wilson’s Native Trees: “Black Spruce needles are shorter than those of White Spruce, darker in color, and more tightly packed on the dense, dark twigs of old trees, which makes a mature grove of Black Spruce looks almost black when seen against winter snow.” Grows slowly into a narrow tree with a dense, irregular crown. Provides good nesting spots for songbirds.

Summer ’24

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Pine family (Pinaceae)

Photo by Cephas, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Updated 5 March 2023