Pinus banksiana – Jack Pine – 2-Gallon


The most northerly growing pine species in North America, occurring in boreal forests right up to the edge of tundra. It can also be found on poor, sandy soils in more southern locations – in New York, wild populations are restricted to the Adirondacks, but there are introductions scattered about, mostly on Long Island and Orange County. If grown on poor sites, the form is rather scraggly with an open crown. The gnarly form reminds one of the dwarf Pitch Pines found at Sam’s Point in the Shawangunks. On better sites the form is more tree-like, though, with its short pairs of needles, it never quite has the billowy feel of White Pine (P. strobus) or Red Pine (P. resinosa).

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Pine family, Pinaceae

Photo by Keith Kanoti, Maine Forest Service, USA, CC BY 3.0 US, via Wikimedia Commons

Updated 5 March 2023