Prunus avium White Gold® – Sweet Cherry – 5-Gallon


A 2001 introduction from Cornell University. It ripens in early-mid-season, is self-fertile and is a “universal” pollenizer – capable of pollenizing any variety of sweet cherry. Fruits are medium-plus size, an attractive yellow with red blush – their coloration may help them escape bird depredation by fooling birds into thinking they are not ripe. WhiteGold® has established a fine record for consistent cropping at Geneva, NY and in other Eastern USA grower trials in Maryland and Michigan. It has better tolerance of rain induced fruit cracking than ‘Rainier,’ a variety which is better adapted to the Pacific Northwest. Tolerance to cherry leaf spot and bacterial canker are exceptionally good, making it a good choice for backyard, organic orchards.


Krymsk 6 Rootstock, Semidwarf

Available Fall 2022