Prunus cerasus ‘Meteor’ – Sour Cherry – 5-Gallon


A 1952 University of Minnesota introduction along with ‘Northstar,’ another sour cherry variety that we also offer. Winter hardiness, reliable cropping, and good resistance to leaf spot make ‘Meteor’ a good choice for the backyard orchardist. ‘Meteor’ is an Amorelle type sour cherry, similar to ‘Montmorency’ – the fruit is bright red with yellow flesh. It’s excellent for baking and sour cherries are also know as “Pie Cherries”. ‘Meteor’ is a little bigger tree than ‘Northstar,’ growing to about 10-14’ with a little bit bigger fruit, to about 3/4 inch in diameter. Self-fertile.

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Maxma 14 rootstock, Semidwarf 10-12′